Uganda: Sipi Falls Project

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Uganda: Sipi Falls Project

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Uganda might not the first country that comes to mind when thinking of high quality coffee. In many regions of the country the challenges are more a matter of infrastructure, history and knowledge than environment.

The locals believe that God lives on Mt. Elgon (bordering Kenya) and that when he is happy, he delivers rain to the bountiful gardens clinging to the mountainside. Indeed, these green, fertile hillsides are very nearly divine territory for the production of fantastic coffees, and producers are increasingly realizing the potential of specialty coffee in this region.

By promoting the cultivation of specialty coffee, training farmers in agricultural techniques and best practices, educating widely regarding the importance of harvest and post harvest activities, and building top-notch washing stations, the project hopes to put Uganda ‘on the map’ as the next big destination for specialty coffee.

The Sipi Falls Organic Coffee Product was initiated in 1999 in Uganda’s Kapchorwa district – high on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, where coffee grows at altitudes ranging from 1,300 meters climbing up to 1,900 meters. Specialty grade arabica is now the main cash crop here and is normally inter-cropped or grown alongside other crops such a banana and beans.

The project began with an impressive 5,000 small holder coffee farmers with an average of 0.5 ha each under coffee. These farmers, all keen to participate in higher value specialty markets, were trained in criteria for socially and environmentally responsible coffee growing practices and efficient farm management with the aim of certifying and marketing their coffee on the international scene. Today, the project has expanded significantly, thanks to these successes, and reaches over 10,000 small holder farmers, many of whom not only receive higher prices for their higher quality coffee but also participate in other social and environmental programs and cash management project.

The name of the project hails from the local scenic landmark of Sipi Falls. This 3 phase waterfall plunges down the slopes of Mt Elgon - once thought to be the tallest in Africa due to its enormous base, which covers 3,500 square kilometers across Uganda and Kenya.

In the cup you'll notice a clean, sweet taste with hints of lemon, apple, and caramel. This coffee is organically grown, medium roasted, and UTZ/RFA certified.


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